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Hardened FSOC

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Hardened drop cables and connectors are environmentally robust to provide a reliable interface in the outside plant environment. The hardened connectors combined with field-installable fusion technology simplifies installation and maintenance easily in the FTTP(Fiber to the premises) network. The hardened fusion splice-on connectors are rugged to protect against extreme temperature, moisture, UV, chemical exposure and other harsh conditions typically found in the outside plant. Field-installable hardened fusion splice-on connectors can be cost savings for wasted cable slack and provide perfect quality with fusion termination and neatly organized cables on the pole. There are applicable cable types, such as 5.8mm drop cable, 5.0mm drop cable, 5.4x3.0mm ROC flat drop cable, and 8.1x4.5mm SST flat drop cable.

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Cost savings for wasted cable slack (Average 33m)

Perfect quality with fusion termination

Provides neatly organized cables on the pole

Applicable cables: 5.8 mm drop cable, 5.0 mm drop cable
5.4 x 3.0 mm ROC drop cable, 8.1 x 4.5 mm SST drop cable

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Insertion loss Typ. ≤0.15dB
Max. ≤0.3dB
Return Loss Min. >60dB(APC)

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Thermal Age Testing 85°C, 7 days
Thermal Cycle Test -40°C to +75°C, 7days, Dwell time -1hour
Humidity Aging Test 75°C, 95% RH, 7days, measurements every 6hrs minimum
Humidity/Condensation Cycling Test -10°C to +65°C, 90% ~ 100% RH, 7days
Dry-Out Step 24hrs@75°C, uncontrolled humidity
Post-Condensation Thermal Cycle Test -40°C to +75°C, 7days, Dwell time -1hour
Vibration Test 10 ~ 55Hz, 45Hz/min, 2hours @ amplitude of 1.5mm X/Y/Z Axis
Water Resistance No water intrusion after 7days, 10ft water head

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Flex Test 8flex cycles @ +/-90°; 4.5kgf (-10lbf) load, -30°C and 40°C
Cable Torsion 10Torsion cycles @ +/-90°, -30°C and 40°C, Twist 1meter back
Proof Test Plug/Cap Straight pull (0°), 20kgf(100 lbf), 10minutes
Plug/Adapter Straight pull (0°), 11.3kgf(25lbf), 60sec
Plug/Adapter Side pull(90°), 6.8kgf (15lbf), 60sec
Transmission with Applied Tensile Load 0°, 90°, 135° respectively, 6.8kgf, 30mins
Impact 5m drop 3axes on rigid flat surface
Durability 50matings
Seal Under Load 7days @ 23°C, 10ft water head, 2.5lb - 90°, no damage

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Types of Hardened FSOC

1) 5.0mm round

2) 5.8mm round

3) 8.1x4.5mm flat

4) 5.4x3.0mm flat

5) HDC Heater


Type Details

  • HDC Heater
  • HDC Tool Kit

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Tube heating time 3 minutes after activating heater oven
Temperature range 165°C
Dimensions (mm) 120 x 80 x 60
Weight 435g
No. of Sleeving cycles with battery Min. 50 Times
Battery / Power Supply Li-ion Battery (DC 14.8V, 3400mAh), 100~240v AC Charger

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Crimp Tool

Dimensions : 230x70x25 (mm)


SST Slitter

Dimensions : 85x46x25 (mm)


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