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Fiber Holders
Fiber Holders
Variable fiber Holders for
    single, ribbon fiber, SOC
    and etc.
Compatible with fusion splicer,
    cleaver, multipack and etc.
Long-last lifespan, superior
    and stable performance
Compatible with various
    fusion splicers
Cleaver Blades
Cleaver Blades
Long-lasting lifespan, superior
    cleaving quality
Compatible with other cleavers
VGI series

V-groove fiber alignment tool
Ribbon Separator (IRS-01)
Ribbon Separator (IRS-01)

Compact ribbon fiber
Ribbon Stripper (IHS-12)
Designed to strip the coating of fiber ribbon up to 12 fibers.
Ribbonizing Holder Kit
Ribbonizing Holder Kit
A holder can have a termination after Ribbonizing fibers directly on the holder.
 By Shortening the separate Ribonize tool process.
completed work with fast fiber clustering time(Average 5~6 minutes)
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