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Stand-Alone Devices

Multi-pack F(Stand-Alone Devices)
Multi-pack F
Swift Multi-Pack F is designed to assemble Swift fusion SOC with any splicer as well as Swift fusion
splicers. 4 functions, stripping, cleaning, cleaving and sleeving, are in this single unit.
This Swift Multi-Pack F satisfies users’ needs with its efficient and productive design. Remember,
this unit can be used for other company’s splicers. Furthermore, users see very unique two functions
from the Optical Power Meter & Visual Fault Locator in this unit; they easily see the result of splicing in real time.
Auto Stripper(Stand-Alone Devices)
Auto Stripper
Auto Stripper is designed to strip various type of fiber optic cables using its heater
which adjusts heating time and temperature. It always gives customer stable operation,
high quality of stripping and productivity with its auto motor and LM guide bearing.
(Occurrence of ratio of cracks on fiber : 0%, High tension strength)
Window Stripper(Stand-Alone Devices)
Window Stripper
Window stripper is a high precision tool for stripping the middle of optical fiber.
With auto motor and LM guide bearing, it has been realized a high quality and productivity
without cracks on fibers. (Occurrence ratio of crack : 0%, High tensile power of fiber)
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