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Since 1982, founded as a high precision tools manufacturer based on the management motto, “Challenge and Innovation”, UCL Swift leads and pioneers the processing equipments of optical fiber, other tools and accessories. Launching the first optical fiber termination products in 1999 in order to meet the customer's needs for highly efficient and reliable quality products, UCL Swift has been developing and introducing various products for processing optical fibers such as strippers, cleavers, multi pack, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, Splice-On Connector(SOC) and many other related accessories.

Keyman S1, the core alignment optical fiber fusion splicer, was launched successfully in 2007 and its sales skyrocketed in the world market with the highest competitiveness in its reliability, efficiency and price. UCL Swift is a leading supplier of 8 degree angled cut cleaver for optical fibers in the world. This 8 degree angled cut cleaver has been popularized, all over the world with its excellent performance. In 2010, Swift F1, a state-of-the-art FTTH mini Fusion Splicer (thermal auto stripper, single action cleaver, air-pump cleaner, clad alignment splicer and sleeve oven are integrated into one small unit), together with simple/easy-to-assemble low-cost Splice-On Connectors(SOC), had been launched. Swift F1 splicer and its Splice-On Connector(SOC) benefit users the most EFFICIENT and ECONOMIC SOLUTION in spreading high-speed FTTH networks.

UCL Swift is very proud of being qualified as the first class manufacturer of precision technology products, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified, holder of many domestic and international patents. Also UCL Swift products have passed strict quality standards of major international certification. UCL Swift, highly appreciated thanks to the fastest customer service by worldwide customers, will keep putting every possible effort to serve its valued customers with leading-edge technology products as a total solution provider in optical fiber industry in the world.

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