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Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, which is designed to perform the major 5 multi-functional features systematically: stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. In addition, Optical Power Meter and V.F.L (Visual Fault Locator) can be embedded optionally in the machine. The optional devices can allow users check the splice result immediately without additional tools. (ALLINONE+, KF4A+) The Swift KF4A is the best fit for fusion splicing and fusion Splice-On Connector (SOC) of FTTH network applications, which can eliminate fatal issues from the conventional mechanical connectors that have features of low quality, weak durability and high maintenance cost. Swift KF4A with fusion Splice-On-Connector can give customers the best ROI.

The most reliable quality, UCL's Thermal Stripper

Mechanical Stripping

Scratch and Crack Found

Auto Thermal Stripping

No Scratch and Crack on the fiber

What is All-In-One?

UCLSwift’s fusion splicers integrate thermal stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and splice protection in to one convenient unit, reducing installation time and improving connection reliability. ALLINONE provides excellent working platform for high productivity.

    • k33a_i_1.png
    • All-In-One Function

    • k33a_i_2.png
    • Auto Thermal Stripping

    • k33a_i_3.png
    • Water and dust resistant

    • k33a_i_4.png
    • No crack on fiber

    • 01Stripping
      1. No scratches from heated stripping.

      2. 1 second strip time.

      3. Over 5 kgf tensile strength of fiber after stripping.

      4. Featuring excellent tensile force of fiber, the automatic stripper strips up to 28mm in length without damaging the surface of fiber.

      5. Minimum stripping length should be longer than 7.5mm.

    • 02Cleaning
      1. One-touch pump.

      2. The alcohol pump can be removed and refilled with cleaning fluid.

      3. Avoid splashing the alcohol please cover the top part of dispenser with cleaning cotton and push it.

    • 03Cleaving
      1. Single-action cleaving.

      2. Designed to cleave the fiber at a 90 degree angle.

      3. The fiber shards are collected in the slide-type chip box placed at the side of body.

    • 04Splicing
      1. Splicing available for 1 core.

      2. After splicing the fiber splice must be visually perfect.

    • 05Splice protection
      1. Shrink down takes 20-35 seconds.

      2. Equipped with a sleeve loader to prevent contamination and provide convenience.

      3. Increased productivity from built-in sleeving unit.

360° product viewer

See KF4A from various angles.

It may take some time for the pop-up to appear.


  • Features
    • Electrode Life

      Up to 38,000 splices

    • Providing remote maintenance
      service via Internet

    • Fiber alignment

      Active Clad Alignment

    • Typical splice loss

      SM: 0.03 dB, MM:0.01 dB

      DS: 0.05 dB, NZDS: 0.05 dB

    • No. of splice cycles with battery

      200 cycles (3,400mAh)

    • Tension test

      1.96N to 2.25N

    • Blade life

      77,000 fibers + 33,000 fibers

      (Adjust the blade height up to 0.12mm),

      Total 110,000 fibers

    • Fiber cleave length

      7mm to 16 mm

    • Splicing time

      Typical 7 seconds (SM)

    • Sleeve heating time

      Typical 13 sec (IS-45 mode)

  • Size and
    • Size

      132 (W) x 212 (L) x 73 (H) (excluding bumper)

    • Weight

      1.5 kg (including battery)

  • Standard
    • ·Arc fusion splicer SWIFT KF4A

      ·User guide (Download from UCLSwift Website)

      ·Cooling tray

      ·Hard Case

    • ·Battery 3,400mAh

      ·AC Adapter 100-240V

      ·Fiber holder

      ·USB cable

  • Optional
    • ·Battery 3,400 mAh

      ·Cleaver blade BI-07

      ·Electrode EI-24

      ·External power DC 12V available for car cigar jac

      ·Sleeve S09-C, S09, S30-C, S30

    • ·Optical Fiber Holder
      HS-250, HS-900, HS-2.5F, HS-IN, LS-900 (Loose tube), HF4-SC/FC, HF4-ST, HF4-ILC (choose one)

      ·SOC Connector SC, LC, FC, ST (refer to FTTH solution)

      ·Transporting Case ILST-SS03 (L) (soft case)

      ·Work Belt WB-01

      ·Optical Module (Optical power meter + VFL)

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